All I can say is thank goodness for payday, it couldn't come soon enough! I complied this Wish List for you all with the intent to include just a couple of items.. but, whilst browsing that little thing called the internet (the sole reason my money goes missing in the first week of being paid) my list has grown into more of an A1 Wish List of double figures. Ops. 

Where do I start? Well as you can see I've been slightly over-whelmed in the check department. First on my list will be that gorgeous monochrome checked knit, without realising it I seemed to pair it with the Whistles navy and white checked asymmetric skirt. It would be rude not to purchase one without the other, right? And I guess whilst I'm at it I may aswell slip on those Stella McCartney tire tread lookalike platforms and glam up my fingers with the "CANT BELIEVE THEY ARE NEWLOOK!" spiral rings. No outfit is complete without a bag so I was told so I guess Kate Spade won't mind coming to my rescue with her New York cinema clutch to pop my Mac indulge lipstick into. 

I've been on the hunt for a new watch for a while now, quiet frankly I'm sick of seeing everyone rinse Mr Michael Kors! I came across Larsson and Jennings whilst stalking the girls from and new instantly that zebra strap watch belong on my wrist. (I'm checking 'New In' on a daily basis.)

I don't need the Topshop coat, SheLikes burgandy skort or  plaid Romwe knit but, I'm a girl and I simply can't say no to a good piece of clothing!

Which items are you lusting over at the moment? I can guarantee you will see a couple, if not all these items in my upcoming haul!



  1. I love burgundy for autumn - that lipstick looks gorge! Must try ;)
    Adela x

  2. That clutch is gorgeous! I love the Checkers too!

    Katie <3

  3. Absolutely love the colour of the skort and plaid jumper!!! May have to make a naughty purchase too!

  4. Gorgeous items. The mac lipstick is beautiful xo


  5. I want it it!!!


  6. i tried that coat on yesterday - i wish i picked it up now x

  7. every single piece is amazing!! x


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