Sometimes I hate getting dressed. Do you ever wear something once, and then slowly let it find its way to the back of your wardrobe? Or do you own a load of must-haves that you wear again and again? (I know which one is me!) Either way, it’s important to keep your outfit looking on trend. Nobody wants to wear the same thing every day, and if you’ve put your outfit in the back of your wardrobe for good then it’s simply a waste of space and money. By re-wearing and renewing the outfits you wear, you will get much more use out of everything that you buy! So with this in mind I've devised a guide to help us re-wear our outfits and give them a new lease of life!

1. Some outfits are made to be worn in layers, especially in winter. A pinafore dress or pair of dungarees is good example. Underneath a pinafore dress you can wear a long-sleeved roll neck or a short-sleeved t-shirt. Alternatively, the dress can simply be worn on its own. Wear it with casual over-sized cotton tee, or a light cami. Though the dress itself stays the same, you’ll completely change the look of the overall outfit by altering the top that you wear underneath. 

2. The easiest way to change an outfit is to change your accessories. Adding a big statement necklace to a plain and simple little black dress can turn it into an elegant ensemble that can be worn for a several different occasions.  Men can wear the same suit hundreds of times, and look different on every occasion simply because they’ve changed their shirt or tie. Changing an ankle boot to a pair of heels or a leather shopper to a clutch bag can also change the look of an outfit. Women are stereotyped as having walk-in wardrobes full of shoes in every style and colour, (I wish!) though it’s not just the shoes that can change an outfit. Bags also make an impression with style, size and colour all playing a part.

3. Sometimes, the best way to change an outfit is to leave it as it is. Instead, focus on the way you look in that outfit, and not the way it looks on you. A dress can look casual if you tie your hair back in a ponytail, but glamorous and sophisticated if you leave your hair down, in light waves, with a red lip to make the outfit pop.
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  1. Definitely agree with your tips. You never want to over wear something and you never want to throw it to the bak of your clost just because you've worn it before. Al little shoe change, accessory change, even makeup change can transform the look :)


  2. Great tips very handy.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Wearing lipstick definitely amps up any ol' outfit xx

  4. awesome post! I definitely have a tendency to go to the same old outfits on off days so this has inspired me! x

  5. Excellent tips hun!

  6. Great tips honey, agree with them all

  7. Mac lipsticks are my absolutely favourite xx

  8. These are perfect little tips to revive an outfit.
    I know adding a layer to my dresses would pretty much make them all new.


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