Celine Slip Ons, She Inside Jumper, F1.2 LensAsos Jeans, Nasty Gal Rings, Sophia Webster Clutch, Topshop Unique Jumpsuit, Larsson and Jennings Watch, Acne Leather Jacket, Sophia Webster Heels and Chanel Perfume.

As you can see, I'm not asking for a lot.. In all seriousness as I get older there really isn't anything in particular I ask for. When one is in full time employment the things I need I end up buying on pay day leaving nothing left for Christmas presents. So I've gone all out (some may say adventurous but Il leave that up to you!) 

Unluckily for me depending how you look at it, my birthday falls on Boxing Day. Which could mean double presents in some eyes or joint presents in others. As long as you are kind enough to wrap my Birthday presents up in Birthday paper rather than Christmas paper I'm a happy girl.

I'm planning on going out for sushi with my fiancé after a (fingers crossed) successful shopping trip in the sales with my best friend. I stumbled across this Topshop boutique silk jumpsuit and couldn't resist on pairing them with a Sophia Webster statement matching heel and clutch. That Acne jacket will most definitely keep me warm in the December chill.

P.S Those Celine slip on's wouldn't go a miss either!


  1. That clutch is absolutely fantastic!! I just hope some high street stores take note because the price tag is a bit too high for me ;-) haha happy birthday in advance! :) Xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  2. I share your pain my birthday is New Year's Eve, so I get joint presents and no parties :( Good pick of oresebts though, the clutch is super cool!

  3. Good wishlist. Totally agree with the Sophie Webster Heels. They are incredible! I so want more lens' for my camera!

    Katie <3


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