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As we all know, London Fashion Week is fast approaching. Okay, well it's a month away.. but I need a month or so to start planning my outfits and get my emails sorted in hope to receive a couple of tickets for the upcoming season. I tweeted earlier this week about a LFW guide I had put together for Suzie and I had a couple of you asking if I could email over a few tips. So I thought what better than a blog post dedicated to London Fashion Week to answer the general ticket queries you may have.

First of all, I would just like to say that I am no means an expert when it comes to Fashion Week as I've only been going for two seasons. I found that reading blog posts and asking others for advice really helped me to apply for tickets and attend my first season, so this is solely my advice for beginners.

Before you start to plan out your email template I would reccomend taking a look at the show schedule and picking out a couple of designers you'd love to see, within reason of course. (Don't count your chances that Burberry are going to put you front row!) Make sure you take notes of times and locations so that your shows do not over run and that you leave yourself plenty of time to get to each one. You can view the show schedule here. Next you will need to download the Press contact spreadsheet which you can view here, this has all the contact details you will need to request tickets for the shows you want to see.

This is the tricky part, I always struggle writing out my first email as I want to make sure I impress within the first few sentences.

I usually email and address the PR by name. (Dear Hannah,) and then include the following;

Which show I am requesting my tickets for. E.G "I would like to request a ticket for the AW14 Topshop Unique Show"
What my name is and what I do for a living/and or what kind of blogger I am.
I always include my blog URL(with a hyperlink) and a general summary of what my blog is about.
I include my number of stats per month, my Twitter, Instagram, YouTube followers etc.
If your views/followers have increased in a certain amount of time not forgetting to show off about your percentage of unique visitors (you can find this on google analytics.)
And then I usually say why I think I deserve to go and what I liked about the show last year just to make my email alittle more personal. Don't forget to add your address at the bottom of the email. Some PR's won't email you back to tell you you have a ticket, they will just send it to the given address.

If all else fails, or street style is more your thang then I would 100% recommend popping down to Somerset House to soak up the atmosphere. The place is brimming with incredible style! I love to just stand and stare at all the fabulously well dressed women!

I hope this guide helped! Please do let me know below or feel free to drop me a tweet. I hope to see some of you there!


  1. See you there beauty - oooh and looks like we both need to go and buy a copy of Look Magazine :) xx

  2. amazing tips, thank you :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  3. I'd love to go to fashion week, next year maybe. Enjoy chick

  4. Love it. Next up please can you do your stylist thing and dress me too ;)

  5. Great advice and tips thanks for the post really helps for those looking to attend fashion week :) xx

  6. Amazing I can't wait hopefully this time next season or year we have enough followers to get to live through fashion week :D great tips

    Love Cheap Frills

  7. I'd absolutely loooooove to go to LFW but I think I'm still too new. Next year though? I am on it!

  8. Great post!! Thanks for sharing this with us:)

  9. Adding your address to the bottom is a great tip, thats something I didnt do last season.

    Petite Side Of Style

  10. Thanks for the tips Hannah! See you at LFW! If I don't get tickets for a show, I'll definitely be there to snap the street style!

  11. Great Post! Thank you so much for sharing

    Greetings from London,

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  13. Thank you! Perfect guide, never ever know where to start. I will be ready for the next season for sure, with this help.
    Hannah xo


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