My favourite time of year is fast approaching, Fashion Week starts tomorrow (hooray!) So I thought I would help you get ready for the most anticipated week of the season. There has been times where I've changed my outfit so last last minute that I've had to scramble my things together before running for the train. (Forgetting your DSLR is not an option!) Above I've included the most important things you will need to take with you.

Invites: these are pretty self explanatory no invite, no show. Don't let your hours of emailing PR's go to waiste by leaving these bad boys at home! 

Business Cards: The amount of times I've been to an event (and Fashion week for that matter) and left my buisness cards at home! Angry face. Most people won't have the time to input your information into thier iPhones/notepads so buisness cards are super handy to give out to press, bloggers and photographers that take your photos. I prefer giving my business cards out so that my images can be credited with my blog URL, name etc.

A spare pair of flats: Anyone that knows me will know I am well equipt when it comes to events. Flat shoes are the first thing I pack into my bag. Sure I can walk in heels, but I'd rather walk to where I need to be in a pair of flats and change into my heels once I arrive. Girls, blisters and bleeding ankles arnt a good look. I'm going to be reaching for my ugg boots to soothe my sore feet inbetween shows!

iPhone/iPad: Any form of technology is great to carry around with you. I like to take my iPhone to snap images of the shows and street style which I can simply  upload straight to social media, this helps us to be one step ahead of everyone else  as our images are the first for our followers to see. Some might say abit excessive but I like to carry my iPad around so I can blog on the go! Dedication or!?

USB: Because the amount of times I've run my phone into the ground trying to take the perfect picture of my outfit.. Enough said.

Sunglasses: Totally not essential but I love how chic a pair of sunnies can make any outfit look, rain or shine.

Lenses: Depending on the type of image you are capturing you may need to change between lenses. 50mm are great for shooting outfit photos, street style and models strutting down the catwalk but the minute you need to take a close up with a 50mm all hell breaks lose. I'd recommend taking a spare 18-55mm lens with you to capture anything in close range.

Umbrella: Not pictured above (as I had an unfortunate battle with the wind and rain in London last week..) For those unexpected down pours as we didn't spend two hours getting ready to turn up like a drowned rat. You're welcome. 

I hope that this helps you get Fashion week ready, if there is anything I've forgotten to include please do let me know below!


  1. nice post!

  2. Such a chic collection :)
    Keep in touch and have an amazing time :)
    Andrea xxx

  3. Awesome tips - now if I just had some shows to go to. Lol.

    Katie <3

  4. Good tips boo! Defo agree on the lens... x

  5. Those are such a good musthaves. Exactly what I always take with me :) Have some nice time during LFW!

  6. Enjoy LFW! You are more than prepared! xx

  7. Hannah your blog is by far my favourite at the moment, your doing such a fantastic job keep up the hard work!!

  8. I'm so jealous your off to fashion week, have a fab time chick

  9. Wish i was going :( have fun and i can't wait to see your blogposts!


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