Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sun God Sunglasses*

I've always been a fan of the coloured reflective shade, they polish an all black outfit perfectly. This pair in particular from SunGod's customised range has the most amazing orange and red tint to the lens which is garunteed to draw all attention your way. The only drawback I came across when picking the colour of my lens was looking ever so slightly like, well my dad? Before they became on trend the only group of people I saw sporting them were a slightly older generation of men! You know the type I mean, the kind of shade you could walk out of sports direct with.. 

Anyway, I've put that all behind me now. Anything remotely man-ish is totally on my radar!

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4 Lovely Comments

  1. I love reflective shades like this a got done aviator style ones I love

  2. These glasses are so nice. I love coloured lenses XX


  3. I know exactly what you mean regarding the older generation and sports direct. I tend to stay away from items that haven't had the best styling history. These do look fab pop by xxx