I appologise for my social absense this past week. I've just landed from an amazing week away in Dubai, which if you couldn't tell after my 4th visit in 3 years, is my favourite holiday destination! Having a well deserved break away from everything work has put my mind in a better place. I'm feeling more motivated and actually looking forward to photographing content for you all. You know by now our job isn't the normal 9-5.. it is literally a 24/7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.. you get the drift. Shutting off is hard! If I'm not photographing outfits, im dreaming them in my sleep, arranging my breakfast for an instagram shot or simply trowling the net for bargains. I think my holiday has made me realised I need to be more organsed. Organisation will allow me to shut off at certain times as I know my content is going live even when im busy having me time. 

Anyway, I'm back and I'm not going anywhere this time!

This look is one of my lasts from New York fashion week which feels like such a long time ago now! As the week got progressivly warmer we were able to leave the thermals in our hotel room and dress relativtly fashion-y without freezing the death. That doesn't mean I ditched the layering completely. I love wearing this shirt under bascially everything! The cuffs look amazing, even under a basic grey sweat. These wide leg joggers are totally me, paired with the classic black pair of old skool vans. If you couldn't tell I've turned my liking to dressing down recenty. I'm such a trainer girl!

Leather Jacket | Missguided
Sweatshirt | Topshop
Shirt | Front Row Shop
Trousers | RiverIsland
Trainers | Vans
Necklace | Topshop
Bag | Chanel
Sunglasses | Celine

Ph by Atosa using the Olympus Pen E-pl7 with the 75mm lens

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  1. I love how you can make a pair of trousers that should look like pjs look chic and so wearable!

  2. I love this relaxed look Han. And I totally agree having a digital break can be a good thing for motivatoin sometimes. I am so bogged down with my 9-5, the blog, Youtube and wedding planning I am starting to feel exhausted. I can't wait for wedding and honeymoon to not look at a screen at all! Hope you had an amazing time and can't wait to see what you have in store next :) xxx

  3. Wow!! Really like this combo! So chic and trendy!

    xx Su

  4. I like the sleeves :*

  5. Aced it! Love your necklace! xx

  6. That jumper looks super soft, and those sunglasses are to die for! I'm beginning to build up quite the soft jumper collection and have just purchased a pink sweatshirt from Topshop which I love! x

    Lorna | Lorna, literally.


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