A friendship in my working environment is something I value immensely. Having another mind to ponder with, bounce ideas off of and to capture the very ideas I could only ever dream of capturing in my head gives me a warm feeling inside. Seeing this vision come to life with the help of another person is a very gratifying feeling. Don't get me wrong, being a self-employed Fashion Blogger is an achievement in itself, it allows me to be my own boss, let my mind wonder and explore exactly what I want to when I want to. However, getting your creative juices flowing independently isn't always achievable.

Friendship is a value I cherish greatly, ask yourself where would we be in our lives without our friends around us? So when PANDORA being "defined by women to inspire women" based solely on an expression of inner values and traits of friendship, I wanted to explore the traits I value the most in mine.

With that said the charms I chose from the ESSENCE collection to wear with my two tone bracelet and ESSENCE silver bangle that represent my work friendships were; Creativity, Loyalty and Happiness. Creativity for me this represents a value that means a lot to me. Without the creativity from my blogging friends I wouldn't be able to produce the content for my blog posts, capture the images I need for my social media or continue to work with well-known brands to deliver the exciting work I produce on a daily basis. Whether it's an idea for a blog, an exciting location we discovered one afternoon or an angle that simply nails THE shot, I think creativity is the key to staying freshly motivated at work.

Loyalty is the utmost important trait I value in my work friends, having the feeling of support from a friend in the same working environment is crucial to seeing through successes as well as failures.

The Happiness we absorb from our work colleagues goes without saying. As long as all of the above are in order, then happiness follows naturally.

Being independent is great and I'm ever so fortunate to be able to call my hobby my job, but sharing a passion for the work you love so much with another like minded individual is an amazing feeling.

This post is sponsored by Pandora, all styling and words are my own



  1. I love it, I will sure be visiting pandora soon :)

  2. Where would we all be without valuable friendships and support in this crazy blogging career of ours?! Great post, babe!



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