"Be yourself. Love beautiful things. 
Be feminine. Have a taste for fine details. Feel appealing. 
Keep your mystery alive. Be inspired. 
Play with your image. Reinvent your classics. Create a difference. 
Cultivate the art of seduction. Have fun
Be Bold. Challenge yourself. Create your own luck.
Try the impossible. Mock conventions.
Astonish. Decide. Explore the unknown. Live intensely.
Liberate your body. Free your mind.
Be a modern-day women...
The many facets of a woman's signature touch."

Combining both comfort and beauty in lingerie and cortsetry since 1948, Simone Perele have become a house hold name in french lingerie having been passed down onto the second and third genereation who now take pride in taking charge of the company. Depite taking pride of place in the lingerie departments in stores such as Harrods and Selfridges I am ashamed to say I was abliviesly unaware of this beautiful brand.

Being lavishly whisked away by the Simone Perele team for 24 hours to witness the breathtaking surroundings of Paris was incredible, aswell as going behind the scenes with Stéphanie Pérèle herself to discover the secrets from the designs down to the production in the cenrally located workshop.With 1500 employees world wide they're never short of opinions, ideas and not to mention real life manniquins! Each employee is encouraged to try each style for fit, size and wearability before the final designs are produced.

Of course it wouldn't be a stay in Paris without a beautifully French hotel situated in the heart of the city. Marble floors, white walls, exqusite bathrooms and not to mention the views!

The newly open Simone Perele store situated in Rue Francois Miron 84 has been beautiful designed with a minimal theme featuring lashings of gold interior showing the beautiful lace designs off perfectly! The satin cami's and emoidered triangle set were my favourite.


This post was made in collaboration with Simone Perele, but all words and styling are my own.



  1. Such a lovely post! This lingerie is gorgeous
    xo, Heather

  2. Everything about this post is simply stunning, from the hotel to lingerie...just beautiful!


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