I've been looking into purchasing a new bag for a while now and up until recently I've been between two; The Simon Miller bucket tote bag and/or the Loewe puzzle bag. I decided to go with the bucket tote bag, I just couldn't get those tortoiseshell handles out of my head! And the fact that the navy will be perfect with my winter wardrobe worn with earthy tones! Plus, heres hoping there may be alittle something Loewe waiting for me under the tree this year (jks).

To show you how much wear I plan to get out of this versatile little bucket I thought I'd style it two ways to give you some inspiraiton if you're toying with the idea of purchasing a little Simon Miller. This style was huge come Summer, and I can't see that changing as we progress ever quickly into Winter, so the addition of the black and navy is a perfect.
First port of call, knitwear. This tabacco coloured cardigan is such a gorgeous colour for Winter, it's so rich in tone and it's a great alternative to a cream jumper-which I have many. I'd usually wear this with a blue or black straight leg skinny but how incredible does this outfit look with a pair of camel cigarette pants? These earthy tones really make the bag pop!

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 Who co-ordinates her outfit around her new purchase. That would be me. I don't actually own a coloured handbag so the thought of styling a blue bag at first thought would be hard, but to be honest it really isn't-by sticking with earthy colours; black, brown, navy, grey, etc it totally ties the outfit together.

What I'm Wearing

Navy Knit - Nastygal
Camel Trousers - Urban Outfitters
Bucket Bag - Simon Miller via Farfetch
Brown Cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Yellow Tshirt - Zaful
Sunglasses - Celine via Farfetch
Shoes - Zara (Last season)



  1. Nice pictures, I have seen thous a lot while my stay in hotels in manhattan.

  2. You posed like Victoria Beckham, So gorg!


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