There is no denying that jewellery is my downfall. Why? Because it's super easy to take a piece of jewellery, add it to your look and instantly it gives the outfit a new look! Thomas Sabo have just launched a new range of charms to add to the  Generation Charm Club collection and what I love most about this collection is that it's super easy to add and take away pieces for different occasions to enhance every look.

Each piece is super easy to design, you start off with your necklace (the gold necklaces are my favourite) and add on your charms!Don't just stop at necklaces, there's also a range of gold bracelets too-I also added this gorgeous star fish bracelet to my ensemble.

For my look I wanted to add in something that was more personal to me, so I had to go for the Capricorn zodiac charm being a December baby and the disc charm which you can personalise with engravings.

If you're feeling a pop of colour then I'd recommend having a nose at the tropical range featuring some beautiful coloured zirconia jewels, perfect for injecting some colour and jazzing up those holiday outfits.

What I'm Wearing

This post was made in collaboration with Thomas Sabo.


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