London Fashion Week, how quickly has this season come around? It feels like only last week I was sweating to death in a knitted roll neck and over the knee boots, in 30 degree heat. Not to say I didn't enjoy last season! Layers are my favourite and you're guaranteed to see a lot of it come Friday.

Above I have popped together a couple of my essentials that I cannot live without come Fashion week season. Not to say I'm a pro when it comes to attending, but for all you beginners looking to attend your first show or take in the atmosphere of Sommerset House, this is for you.

Buisness Cards: If you're going to take anything to fashion week make sure it's your business cards. I don't feel very professional typing my name/blog/handles into someones iPhone because I foolishly forgot to pack my business cards. It is the easiest way for someone to remember you and your blog, and if you do get snapped by any photographers make sure you hand them out because you never know who they might work for!

Technology: Whether it's your laptop, iPad, or iPhone this is key for me as I love to interact over social media. I'm either uploading my outfits from each day to Instagram, tweeting about the latest street style that's caught my eye or generally just being unsociable.. 

DSLR: I have to admit, I don't like carrying around my DSLR. Especially when I want to carry a minuscule clutch bag that totally goes with my outfit. But, us bloggers have to capture our outfits one way or another and my Nikon always gives me the best results as apose to my iPhone.

Portable Charger: Because how many times has your phone turned off mid-Instagram post? Believe me I would 100% recommend investing in a portable charger. There is a minimal amount of plug sockets around the venue to pop your phone into, and we don't want to spend all day watching that battery fill up! This one here is cute!

Notebook: Not essential, but if you are fortunate enough to attend any shows whether it be at the BFC showspace or fashion scout, I like to take a couple of notes of the key trends, colours, any pieces in particular I loved for any future blog posts.

Tickets: Again, not essential either. I've attended seasons in the past without any tickets and still had the best time. Fashion Week isn't always about sitting front row and taking in the latest catwalk fashion, I love catching up with other bloggers that I don't always get to see, meeting other bloggers I look up to and generally being social. But if you do happen to get a couple of tickets make sure these are the first thing you pack because we do not want to forget those.

Flats: Just trust me. Temple and Holborn station are at least a 10 minute walk and I'm not into blisters.

Sunglasses: Optional, but chic.



  1. I definitely agree with you on the flats and portable charger! x

  2. Sunglasses, optional but chic... Unless like me you have a face that doesn't suit them! Ahhh

    Petite Side of Style

  3. aah great tips! those flats are gorgeous and i hope you have an amazing time!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  4. Fab and of course stylish tips, can't wait to see your outfits!

  5. I'm desperate to go to fashion week, so sad! Good to know plenty people go without tickets, need to make plans to go next season

  6. Cool shoes! That's interesting to know about tickets.. I thought you had to have one to be able to get in!

  7. Love the flat lay! And I really do not understand how people still don't have portable chargers.... such an essential!

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