Suede. Suede, Suede, Suede. There's something about the texture, the array of colours and not to mention how massive the trend is for this season. I'd be head to toe if 1. I could pull it off, and 2. If I could afford to be dressed head to toe in suede. I picked up this grey suede jacket at my Warehouse store appointment last week. I can't wait to show you what else I picked up!

This jacket is a great way to baby step into the trend as its mearly a biker jacket, making it a staple if you are to purchase the trend this season. 

I popped into Mango this week and picked up these uhmazing leather loafers. I sadly missed out on the Celine loafers just before Christmas and these are a dead cert if I've ever seen one and £60 is just a fraction of the price of a real pair. Not too sure if you'll wear them much in this weather? Not to worry, pop on a pair of ankle socks and you'll be away!



  1. Han - that suede jacket is absoluetly divine! I am also starting to have a love affair with flat shoes - I am just struggling to find any to fit my wide feet! Gorgeous, as always <3 xx

    1. Clarks have some nice designs now and then in wider fittings. Hope this helps!

      Charlotte - styleaked

  2. love that jacket! topshop did a similar one in charcoal and pink which i missed out on. gonna get this one out!

  3. Love this look! You make simple items look so good together!

    North of London - Beauty Blog

  4. If it didn't rain so much I'd love to wear suede more often! x

  5. Nice outfit ! love the shoes

  6. This whole outfit is amazing! The shoes look beautiful on you, I'm just not sure whether I'd get away with the point. I am going past a Mango store tomorrow though, so may have to try these on! x

    Lorna // Scared Toast

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  8. Suede loving!! That jacket is a dime!! Love the whole look. The simplest outfit you make incredibly high fashion. Love the bag and loafers. Mango is an underdog. Yet they are truly coming on the Up!!

  9. love this jacket! looking great;)

  10. I love all the suede too, with the amount of rain we get in Glasgow though it's really not practical :( fab loafers to

  11. Really love that jacket. Such a gorgeous colour on you. I also bet it feels so soft and amazing when you rub your face against it, right??? x


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