Which do you prefer? It's a tough question, especially if we are talking the real deal. When forking out hundreds of pounds on a single pair of shoes we have to make the correct desicion (Sadly for me I'm not in a situtation to be buying both!) But, luckily for us the high street has come to our rescue which means we no longer have to put ourselves through deciding on just one pair to take home, we can go all out! Expensive dilemma avoided.

I have to say I wasn't keen on the Aquazzura lace up pumps at first. They reminded me of an old school shoe I was more than ready to forget, which is why I purchased the Topshop lace up wedges. (A little height and less class room chic is exactly what I was after!)

In terms of practicality we all need a go-to pump. So what's your verdict?

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