To celebrate the new Lot 700 series, I have been tasked by Levi with the #30DaysOfDenim challenge!

Finding that perfect fitting pair of jeans can be a total bitch, and this is where the Levi's 700 series comes in! REJOICE! The series is made up of 6 fits that will suit any style, and will turn buying jeans from a chore into a joy! From the 710 Super Skinny to the 714 bootcut, the Lot 700 series fit SO perfectly that the denim heads at Levi's reckon you'll be inspired to do ALL SORTS of things for the first time. This in mind, not only have I been challenged to spend 30 days wearing denim, I've also given a list of brand new things to try!

For my first task Levi challenged me to try and put together a double denim outfit with a piece of my husband old Levi's denim, and it just so happened that he is the proud owner of an awesome vintage sleeveless trucker. For her first time wearing my husband's denim, I paired the sleeveless trucker with a pair of Levi's 714 Straight jeans in black for that grungy look. What do you think?

This was probably the easiest challenge of them all. I was asked how I'd wear denim for her first glass of wine on a Friday. Because, you know, it's been a busy week, plus, who doesn't like wine? Every girl needs a pair of classic black skinnies, and these Levi's 710 super skinnys are the perfect fit. 

In the life of a busy fashion blogger, you'd think that wearing jeans EVERY DAY would be a bit of a chore? However, I didn't think so. It makes the day that much easier knowing what your wearing. The Lot 700 range comes in such a wide range of fits and washes so I was able to make my outfit look different every day. What do you think of the Levi 711 skinny jeans? I don't have a grey wash so I loved this, not to mention the fit.

My final challenge of week one was a food based one, because, FOOD? I was asked how I thought about going vegan for a day. Verdict? It was okay. Not a life choice to be perfectly honest, I felt pretty good after it, but, cheese exists.. Tucking into my kale (burgh) and avocado salad, I wore the 712 slims turned up, and paired with this killer striped tee. 

This week, with winter well and truly upon us, I tried knitting for the first time, in the hopes of knitting a cosy scarf for myself. I went with a mustard yellow to perfectly complement the blue Levi's sweatshirt. I wore the super comfy Levi's 712 Slims. Note to self, knitting is not for me, ever.

Another first for me this week was Bubble Tea! My verdict on the tea? 'Delicious, if a little bit too sweet. Not as slimy as it looks.' The verdict on the outfit? The Levi crew loved it. The 710 Super Skinny Jeans are perfect for achieving that 'casual-but-done' look.

For my last 'first' of the week, I was challenged with baking a cake. A Victoria Sponge to be exact, as, shock horror, this is something I've not tried before! I'm an awful cook, sorry mum. The Levi's 715 Bootcut jeans with a basic tee and supersoft cardi were the perfect combo to get experimenting.

Have you ever played darts? No, me either.. I'm usually more of a white-wine-and-a-boogie kinda gal, to give the classic pub game a go. No bullseye on the first go, unfortunately, but I did enjoy the experince. (I might even challenge my husband to a game next time we're down the local!) For my night at the pub, I wore the Levi's 711 Skinnys in indigo, with a gorgeous Levi's leather jacket. 

Check in next week to see how I wore the Lot 700 series in my last two weeks.

You can see part 1 here & 2 here on The Debrief.


  1. Love your casual styling of denim Han - always chic on fleek hehe :) xxx

  2. You look gorge! Love the jeans avec striped top look - beaut! xx


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