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It's not a secret that I love my outerwear, coats especially. There is just something about them that just transforms an outfit which is why I simply can't get enough (I've acquired around 6-7 already this season!) In my eyes the right coat finishes off an outfit perfectly-I don't think of them as just something to chuck on and keep me warm during the harshest of Winters, but as the centre of all outfits.

I've lacked a pale coloured coat for some time now. (Let's ignore this compact faux fur coat I blogged about recently..) I know what you might be thinking "It's not a practical colour" or "What would it go with." 90% off my wardrobe is either black, grey or denim which works perfectly against the mauve wool.

You'll be surprised to know I paid a meer £70 for this double breasted coat which is worth every penny. The fit is tailored yet relaxed which is perfect to throw on over a cable knit sweat and skinny jeans for a chilled weekend, like I've done. Still formal enough pair with a LBD or co-ord combo (perfect for the office Christmas party!) I'd recommend keeping it chic and resting the coat on top of your shoulders

I think for that price you could make it work too.

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  1. so beautiful coat :*


  2. that coat is so nice, the colour looks great on you x

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