Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What I'm Wearing

With Autumn's chill already upon us, finding that statement coat is crucial. What I look for when investing into a piece of outerwear is; practicality, design and most of all variability. I.E will it suit all occasions? Will it take me from day to night? Because lets face it, the unplanned nights are always the best.

Forever lacking in my wardrobe has been a coat of the faux fur kind. To be truly honest they've never interested me, up until now I've been blinded by the tailored, mannish and belted variety. (Stuck in a rut you might call it.) Once you get to know your own style it's hard to stray from it.

This Topshop compact faux fur coat is beautifully snug (perfect for those bonfire nights, swapping fireworks for mauled wine.) it's both slouchy and oversized and the silhouette is just well, me. I opted for a size 10 if you're wondering, I like my outerwear one size bigger to allow room for cableknit knitwear and chunky roll necks.

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9 Lovely Comments

  1. such a fantastic look! love the coat and the shoes are incredible!

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  2. Love this look! I am so in love with the chloe bag! You look gorgeous!

    Sophie xx

  3. Love this! I already have a great coat for this season but I might just have to add this amazing piece to my wardrobe as well!

    Fashion Dew || UK fashion Blog

  4. You have the most amazing style, I wish I could pull off those mules!

    Anna xx | Anna Hopeless

  5. those mules are so much more affordable than the Gucci ones.. I don't usually like buying "copy-paste" products but things that I am not sure if I would wear or not I prefer the cheaper verion :*

  6. Those miles are so cute! They would get totally ruined in Glasgow with the rain though
    livinginaboxx | <a

  7. The coat is perfect. I love faux fur coats. Yet I don't have one in teddy optic,but I love this one, so maybe in the near future :D

    xx Tara

  8. Love this coat, looks so cosy. xx