Friday, October 30, 2015

It is Payday, hooray! From now on I'm going to start bringing to you a pay day wish list on the last Friday on every month. You're welcome. As next month is Black Friday & Cyber Monday I thought I'd start these guides early so you know what to expect from next month. Here is an example of what I did last year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important dates to keep in your diary (27th and 30th November) as this is when all the big sales start before Christmas. Yes I did say Christmas..

If there is anything you'd like to see me put together for next month be it a guide guide for your boyfriend, sister, or just little for yourself (my kind of thinking) then do let me know below as I want to make shopping easier for you guys!

Happy Friday!

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3 Lovely Comments

  1. classic look! love your bag<3

  2. Lovely! All of these items are So cute! :)

  3. I literally want everything but Payday is soooo far away!!

    Charlotte / Styleaked