Monikh Is Wearing: Faux Suede Trench, Jeans, Trainers, Bag

Can we all just take a minute to take in the fact it is November already? Gah!The 1st of the month brings us another instalment of Monikh and I's new series. If you hadn't read the first instalment already then to sum up, we're pairing up to bring you our take on the latest; trends, key pieces, brands etc to show you how we style it all in our own ways. See here how we've styled the bomber jacket in the first series.

In this post we've taken our love of faux suede which is both affordable not to mention super on trend. (Win, win!) Yes it may have been around for a couple of months now but we wanted to show you how to take your faux pieces into the new colder season.

I've taken the Missguided faux suede jacket in mustard. If you haven't seen me wear this before then where have you been hiding? It was my go-to piece in Summer. (See how I wore it here.) We can safely say we've transitioned into Winter now so a pencil skirt and sandals isn't quiet season appropriate anymore, so I've styled this jacket with my favourite colour. Black! A pair of cropped skinny jeans and Nike roshe combo is the perfect combination for a chilled weekend. If you're worried about incorporating a bright colour into your wardrobe then this will be your best way to go, introducing colours with a monochrome palette.

Monikh has worn the Missguided faux suede trench coat in a similar way with a pair of blue straight leg jeans and Adidas Gizelle trainers. If you're looking to buy into a faux suede staple piece for Winter then her tan trench is the perfect investment!

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  1. Ah the suede trench coat is to die for! I'm swooning over here over both outfits!

  2. You chicks are killing it with those outfit. Love them both :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  3. Love both these looks, the trench is gorgeous, i love it in the darker colour but that biker jacket steals the show 100%, its fab!

    Fashion Dew || UK fashion Blog


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