At last it is finally time to ditch our outerwear in favour for a lighter option in form of a mac, trench or biker/leather jacket. I do love myself a coat, and I will continue to purchase these throughout the sales so that I'm fully stocked up by the time Winter approaches. Our British summers don't last very long (or tend to exist full stop..)  so I find being prepared for the colder weather crucial. Can you tell I favour dressing for the colder months?

At this moment in time I've got my eye out for the perfect biker and I think I may have found it! I will almost always favour black over tan but in this case this faux suede biker jacket ticked all of the boxes, aswell as being under £50, steal! If you've followed me for a while you would have noticed that I wore this very jacket in the mustard colour way AND the khaki colour way last year. I wore the mustard to absolute death so purchasing another sensible colour was a must! Need some more help styling this very jacket? See this post and this post for help.

I've started to realise that apart from the usual holiday attire; bikinis, kaftans and denim shorts. I'm running extremely low on lighter options-you know the options that aren't frowned apon whilst frockiling around London? Levi cut off's are a no for myself personally, I feel much more comfortable in a something alittle longer on the leg like this cotton midi. So with the complete lack of a Summer wardrobe on my mind I turned my hand to the beloved Internet where I found this gorgeous crochet wrap around blouse. Aswell as being the perfect pairing for my pretty wash mom jeans(This blouse looks equally as incredible tucked into an a line denim skirt like this one!)

What I'm Wearing
Jacket | Missguided
Blouse | Missguided
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | Zara
Bag | Gucci dupe here
Sunglasses | Celine
Rings | Missoma
Fang Necklace | Missoma
Horn Necklace | Missoma

Photos taken by Joanne shot on the Olympus Pen E-PL7 with the 1.8 75mm lens.

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As the weather has started to get warmer, and we see little more of that little thing called The Sun, I start to delve deeper into my Summer wardrobe.. or lack of. This time of year is extremely tricky to dress for in my opinion-I just love my layering! (I never want to be that premature person that digs out the maxi dress and sandals at any sight of sunlight!) With my Summer dressing dilemma in mind I thought I'd start giving you a little dose of Spring/Summer dressing inspiration, to show you how I'll be dressing once it's acceptable to get our toes out!

The pyjama trend is my style all over, it's not only relaxed and comfortable but totally chic and on trend. This top I'm wearing is actually part of a pyjama set from Missguided! I was having a search on their "New In" page when I stumbled across the find which comes with matching shorts. The shirt is made from polyester so it's lovely and silky. I upsized and I almost always tend to do, and went for a size 10 to make it little oversized and longer in the length. (I loved the set so much I always went for the white too!) As my legs aren't exactly Summer ready just yet I thought I'd compliment the silky shirt with a matching monochrome vibe with these cropped flares from Zara.

If you've been following me for a while you would of known I lived in these ATP Atelier Sandals last Summer, so when I stumbled across these asymmetric sandals for a meer £14 they went straight in my basket. If you need a little inspiration on how to style these then check out this post and this post from last year.

What I'm Wearing
Pjyama Top | Missguided
Trousers | Zara similar here
Sandals | Missguided
Sunglasses| Celine
Necklace | Missoma
Rings | Missoma
Earrings | Orelia

Photos taken by Joanne shot on the Olympus Pen E-PL7 with the 1.8 75mm lens.

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Myself and Monikh have just returned from a 5 night trip to Dallas, Texas for the RewardStyle Annual conference. I've come back feeling refreshed, re-motivated and full of ideas for the next 8 months left of the year!

You may have seen my new purchase splashed all over my Instagram account recently..let's face it of course you have, it hasn't left my side since I skipped out of Selfridges. Say hello to my Gucci Dionysus! I was pondering over whether or not to go for it, as It wasn't so long ago since I bought my Chloe Faye from Vestiaire Collective. But, as I get a HUGE amounts of wear out of every bag I own (my cost per wear is exceptional!) I thought it was about time for a new addition. This year hasn't kicked off to the best start for me, and I know that buying your own happiness isn't anyway a solution to any problem, this purchase definitely softened the blow. 

You know my style doesn't tend to vary season upon season, it's usually an addition of tanned pins and new sandals. So when we touched down in Dallas and the temperature soared to 31 degrees on the first day I knew a black (obvs) long sleeved shirt dress would be highly appropriate. I opted for my most favourite shoe purchase this season, my Hermes Oran sandals. These look amazing with dresses, flared sleeved shirts and boyfriends jeans and not to mention vacay style with denim cut offs.

Dress | H&M similar here
Sandals | Hermes
Sunglasses | Celine
Bag | Gucci
Rings | Missoma
Star Necklace | Missoma
Initial Necklace | Missoma

Photos taken by Monikh shot on the Olympus Pen E-PL7 with the 1.8 75mm lens.

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Friendship is a value I cherish greatly. So when PANDORA asked me to explore the inner values and traits of friendship through the charms of the new ESSENCE collection I couldn’t wait to tell you more about my childhood friends. 

Spending my weekend catching up with old friends is something I love to do. This is especially the case with my school friends, I don’t have to see them every day to know they care about me. We can even go days and even weeks without seeing or speaking to each other but we know as soon as we sit down for lunch that it’s like we saw each other yesterday, sharing our packed lunch talking about what we were getting up to after school. I think that’s what I love about my childhood friends. 

These kinds of friendships do not depend on daily phone calls, constant meet ups or weekly nights out, it’s the years of friendship we’ve endured since the tender age of 5 that allow us to have such an amazing bond. This is the kind of friendship I value the most. My oldest friends, the one’s I’ve known since primary school that have no involvement in my work, to the point where they do not have a clue about the power of social media, Twitter and Instagram accounts don’t exist, they rely solely on hearing what I’ve been upto, rather than reading it or seeing it online, which is incredibly refreshing to hear in 2016. The pink Friendship charm undoubtably deserves a place on my silver ESSENCE bangle.
The love and care we have for one another is unconditional. We’re like family. As suggested by the rose pink moonstone of the Love charm, associations of love inspires a sense of tender and caring feelings. 

Surrounding myself with positive individuals is the key to my success in all the paths I’ve personally chosen to pursue. This was exactly the case with my career path when I turned my hand to fashion, monthly magazines in particular. Tuesdays were always the best day of the week for me-magazine day. I’d constantly been reminded how cut throat the fashion world was but despite all the criticism I was determined to succeed. Covering later after covering letter I finally received a successful response offering me a 4 week placement at one of my most favourite reads. If it wasn’t for the positive attitude and emense encouragement of my best friend encouraging me to accept the offer going above and beyond offering to put me up in London whilst I partake in stressful and at times disheartening year of expenses paid internships I wouldn’t be sat where I am to day. It’s the help, positivity of my best friend combined with the experience and knowledge I gained during my 4 week internship that enabled me to land my dream job as a personal shopper and for that I’ll always be eternally grateful.

 I am constantly encouraged and inspired by women I’m extremely lucky to call my friends-I love their traits and inner values of Friendship Love and Positivity.

Thank you Pandora for allowing me to express the essence of me.

What I'm Wearing;

This post is sponsored by Pandora, all styling and words are my own



 A friendship in my working environment is something I value immensely. Having another mind to ponder with, bounce ideas off of and to capture the very ideas I could only ever dream of capturing in my head gives me a warm feeling inside. Seeing this vision come to life with the help of another person is a very gratifying feeling. Don't get me wrong, being a self-employed Fashion Blogger is an achievement in itself, it allows me to be my own boss, let my mind wonder and explore exactly what I want to when I want to. However, getting your creative juices flowing independently isn't always achievable.

Friendship is a value I cherish greatly, ask yourself where would we be in our lives without our friends around us? So when PANDORA being "defined by women to inspire women" based solely on an expression of inner values and traits of friendship, I wanted to explore the traits I value the most in mine.

With that said the charms I chose from the ESSENCE collection to wear with my two tone bracelet and ESSENCE silver bangle that represent my work friendships were; Creativity, Loyalty and Happiness. Creativity for me this represents a value that means a lot to me. Without the creativity from my blogging friends I wouldn't be able to produce the content for my blog posts, capture the images I need for my social media or continue to work with well-known brands to deliver the exciting work I produce on a daily basis. Whether it's an idea for a blog, an exciting location we discovered one afternoon or an angle that simply nails THE shot, I think creativity is the key to staying freshly motivated at work.

Loyalty is the utmost important trait I value in my work friends, having the feeling of support from a friend in the same working environment is crucial to seeing through successes as well as failures.

The Happiness we absorb from our work colleagues goes without saying. As long as all of the above are in order, then happiness follows naturally.

Being independent is great and I'm ever so fortunate to be able to call my hobby my job, but sharing a passion for the work you love so much with another like minded individual is an amazing feeling.

This post is sponsored by Pandora, all styling and words are my own

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