If you've been following my renovation journey on Instagram then you'll be familiar with our bedroom-the next room checked off of our list. We gave the room a well needed lick of paint, cleaned up the carpets and furnished the room from head to toe. There was just one large bare wall staring back at me upon completion and I knew it just had to be a gallery wall. 

So, with the help of Desenio we turned this empty in space into a feature wall!  I often find myself playing around with this space to freshen up this wall every now and then and it gives it a whole new look each time! I've written a couple of words of wisdom below to hopefully give you steps into creating your very own gallery wall.

I've included a discount code at the bottom of this post to give you 25% off posters between 24th-26th April! (Not valid on frames and handpicked.)

To start of I painted these white picture ledges the same colour as the walls. I've gone with picture ledges as I really like changing up the look without having committing to drilling into the walls, although this technique can also work for your typical gallery wall, or a mix of the two! I'm planning on switching to a gallery wall once I'm happy with how everything looks.

To create the perfect gallery wall I start off by choosing the posters and frames I want to display. Once I've placed my order and everything has arrived I start by laying everything out to decide which posters I'm going to use and where they're going to sit. It find it works best to mix your sizes-I've chosen a mixture of 13x18cm, 21x30cm and 30x40cm. You'll also notice I've chosen portrait and landscape which I really like, the mixture of heights is really pleasing to the eye. I've also mixed up the colours of the frames and gone for black, white and oak.

Once I've figured out which posters are going where I take a step back and take it all in. As I've chosen 5 posters and I've got some large gaps I thought it would look amazing to mix in a couple of my favourite black and white magazines. (They're usually kept in a pile on the floor so this is a real space saver-and looks super chic!) I then display these around the frames until I'm happy.

Lastly, to break up the posters and magazines I've added small trinkets, jewellery, candles and beauty products displayed in and around the ledges. There's no art to this, I don't want anything to look symmetrical and "done" I just want it look as if it's just been put there. (Even if it has taken me an hour to display it all!)

And that's it! What do you think?

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Hide - Size 13x18cm
Frame - Oak Size A5

Vintage Car - Size 21x30cm

Again Tomorrow - Size 21x30cm

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The Code "hannahcrosskey" gives you 25% off posters* between 24th-26th April!
Not valid on frames and handpicked.

This post was made in collaboration with Desenio.

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