It's been super sunny recently which I'm extremely thankful for. It's been so lovely to sit outside in the garden with a podcast. I actually think the day's go quicker when the suns out, not to mention everyone around us is so much more upbeat. 

I've really gotten into my skincare the past few years, and with since becoming more familiar with the risks of sun exposure and the longterm damage it can have on our skin, I decided to limit the amount of sun exposure to my skin. I know I mentioned about sitting outside in the garden.. I still do this, soaked in factor 50, wearing a hat to protect my face and seeking shade between midday and lunchtime.

Even with a limited amount of sun exposure my olive skin soaks up the sun incredibly quickly leaving me with quiet the pale face. I recently reached out to my followers on Instagram to ask them for their recommendations for their favourite facial tanners. Gradual, mists or drops.. I'm all ears!

So, the recommendations are;

Tan Luxe "The Face", Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops, Sisley Paris Tanning Hydrating Facial, Oskia Adaptive Tanning Mist, Tropic Sun Drops, Dior Bronze Self Tanning Mist, Dr Dennis Gross AlphaBeta Glow Pads, Garner Natural Bronzer Face Mist.

Since reaching out to my followers about my search for facial tanners, Tan Luxe got in touch and gifted me with a few of their cult products, the Tan Luxe "The Face" in medium/dark being one of those. I was hesitant to try at first, but after being highly rated by you guys I bit the bullet. I popped two drops (the brand advises 1-4 drops, the more drops the deeper the colour) into my moisturiser at night and was pleasantly surprised by the glow I woke up to in the morning! To maintain the colour I've been adding 2 drops into my moisturiser at night every 2/3 nights!


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