I've been shooting self portrait on and off since I started my blog back in 2011. More off than on. I remember purchasing my first tripod, taking a trip to a quiet alley and desperately clicking my remote before someone saw what I was doing. I remember having that nervous feeling a lot of you probably have thinking about photographing yourself in public. Although these photos never saw the light of day, they got better, I learnt where I was going wrong and I was proud of pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

Over the years I've roped in my boyfriend, friends and arranged coffee with other bloggers to shoot content together which obviously turned out better than my first tripod experience, so I hung it up for a while. Whilst I do recommend meeting up with other bloggers to catch up and shoot (It's a quiet way to meet others in the field and creating friendships) I've always felt as if I was pestering the ones I love for a "quick shot" I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that!

2019 was the year I really thought seriously about shooting self portrait. I traveled a lot with brands which was incredible, however it really is pot luck if you end up travelling with friends or others you know on these trips to capture the content you envision. I've never wanted to feel like I'm putting someone out, so with content on the forefront of my mind, I packed my tripod in my suitcase and never looked back. If I can photograph myself in another country I can do it back at home.


The camera I shoot with is a Canon 5D Mark IV. It is very pricey, so if you're new to this it might be worth looking into an Olympus Pen, it's a great camera for begginers with interchangeable lenses. I had this model before I invested into a Canon a few years ago. Otherwise it's worth looking into second hand options as you can buy great equipment for a reduced rate in near perfect condition. I bought my first Canon on Camera Jungle (It's Jessops second hand selling site) 

What I love about the Canon 5D Mark IV is that it has built in wifi. Your smartphone becomes your camera remote! You simply download the Canon Connect app, pair it up with your camera and you're ready to shoot. Using the app you can see exactly what the camera sees; adjust the light, change the F stop, check your pose etc. There is also a self timer option so you've got up to 10 seconds to hide your phone before the image is taken. If you're camera does not have a built in wifi option you can invest in an Infrared remote which you point straight at the camera and it'll take the image for you.

The lens I use is Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art Lens which works perfectly for me. I like to shoot a range of fashion and interior shots, so it's a great lens to be able to do both with. If you're just beginning I'd recommend a 50mm f/1.8, they are relatively cheap as far as lenses go!

I use a tripod with my camera which I can easily adjust higher and lower depending on the shot I want to achieve. I use this standard Manfrotto tripod, however double check the weight of your camera so it doesn't end up toppling over. This has happened to me soo many times! Another factor to consider is how heavy/bulky the tripod is. If you're wanting to travel with your equipment it could eat up some valuable kgs!

Also if you're shooting with your iPhone, there are phone tripods you can buy for your phone with bluetooth remotes, so If you're not looking to invest in a DSLR then these are a great option. I actually use one to film Instagram stories!


I've clocked up some serious miles driving around for the perfect location which I never seem to just stumble upon. It's worth doing your research and deciding where you'd like to shoot and the vibe you want with your images before you set out with your gear. Magazines and even Pinterest are a great source for imagery. Take photos of locations when you're out and save these for when you need them. You never know when you might need that pure white wall!

A question I'm asked a lot is "Don't you get embarrassed that people are watching?" The honest answer is Yes. I do sometimes. Especially if I'm standing on a chair in a white suit, at the beach at 6am.. However this is my job and I'm being paid to take these images so does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Will I ever see these people again? It's also worth thinking about what time you want to go and take your images. I've shot at the Louvre in Paris at 7am as soon as its opened which means its empty - all the tourists are tucked up in bed, versus getting your camera and tripod out to take your images at 1pm when its rammed. Timing is key.

I think that is everything in terms of how I actually shoot my images self portrait, however if there is anything I've left out do leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram!

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