I've had short hair for the whole of my twenties, ever since I turned 21 the urge to cut off my dry, dead and lifeless hair was real. I was so into The Hills and The City at the time- so the shoulder length lob was totally inspired by Olivia Palermo. Actually thinking back I probably owe those programmes alot - I'd say that's where my love for fashion came from. (But that's a story for another day!)

I've recently turned 30 and the lob is still going strong! The ombre is still here, however we've grown up a lot since that awful, contrasted dip dye. Instead I'm owning a grown out and more subtle balayage. No more dyed brown roots, instead I'm fully natural and intend to keep it that way.

I often get asked what I ask for at the hairdressers and it's actually really simple. Just a blunt cut, slightly longer at the front but not noticeably longer, I just love the way it sits on my shoulders. You see I have alot of hair, but it's poker straight and super fine. So by having my hair cut blunt it gives the illusion of having thicker hair - well that's what I tell myself anyway.

So, to style my hair I only use two things - a pair of straighteners (the GHD Platinum+ straighteners) and a texture spray (the Sam Mcknight Cool Girl texture mist.)

The GHD Platinum+ straighteners have curved plates so they're so much easier to use to wave and curl your hair vs an older style of straightener - no more annoying lines being left at the roots after attempting waves!

The Sam Mcknight Cool Girl texture mist is another incredible product for waves because it gives the hair the hold and texture without it weighing the hair down. So no crispy and weird to touch texture.. instead if almost gives a second day hair feel if you know what I mean. A bit more grip for the curl to hold onto!

I'm sure you all know how to curl you hair with staighteners so I wont go there.. however a few things I always make sure I do, which turns the hair into a more undone wave vs a tight ringlet curl.

Firstly I section as I go, I don't clip my hair up I just pick random sections of hair and run the hair through the straighteners, turning away from my face. I also make sure I leave out an inch at the end, or I straighten an inch of the end. I think it just gives a more laid back wave. 

Finishing off with a little spritz of the Cool Girl texture mist to the mid lengths and ends. And that's me!

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