Happy New Year! I can't fault 2014 in the slightest. I've signed with Reward Style and Glam Media, I've won a competition to attend fashion week in another country But most importantly of all thanks to my readers I was able to leave my job in personal shopping to pursuit my blog on a full time basis. My fiancé and I bought a house and moved in literally just a couple of days before the end of 2014 which was a lovely way to see the new year in.

I don't have any set in stone goals of such for this year (apart from getting married!) I do plan to expand my content and branch out into other directions such as travel, possibly a youtube channel coming your way? We'll see what 2015 holds in terms of confidence in front of the view finder..

As I received such a positive response to my work space I posted on instagram yesterday I thought I would put together a small snippet of my favourite room in our house, our bedroom. If I could sum this room up in two words it would be french chic. I just love sitting and relaxing in my ghost chair at my clean white desk planning my upcoming week in my Kate Spade diary burning my favourite diptyque candle. Do you have any goals for this year?

If you're curious, I've added a few links below to where each item is from;
If you'd like to know where anything is from that I haven't listed leave a comment or tweet me @HannahCrosskey



  1. oooh it looks like such a dreamy bedroom! perfect and calm for a snooze! xx

  2. Love the monochrome accessories and perspex chair. I am sure you will become interiors obsessed now! :) Congratulations on the blogging achievements as well!

  3. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww amazing, this is how I would style my dream home x

  4. Your house is pure interior heaven! So beautiful. Congrats on all the fantastic news in 2014, hope 2015 is just as great x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

  5. Love your work space! You totally deserve the success your blog is incredible! Happy 2015! xx

  6. i love everything about your work space! good luck for 2015 and your wedding!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  7. Love your bedroom and that bed!! Would love to see more of your new place...

    Also congrats on the progress of your blog!

  8. Omg your new home looks amazing Hannah you must be so please and congrats on being able to pursue blogging as your full time job :)! xxx


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