Friday, January 01, 2016

These grey perspex ankle boots have been on my radar for a while now, ever since I saw the pink perspex heel at Dior I knew it was certain that they just had to be the latest addition to my wardrobe. Until Public Desire came along and delivered the dupe of all dupes! As soon as I placed the order I just knew I had to share them with you. Since you all asked so nicely over on Instagram Monikh and I thought we'd get together for our fourth series and show you how to style two out of the four colours. (Do let us know which colour way is your favourite!)

If you haven't already read our first, second and third post (where have you been!?) You'll know by now Monikh and I are known for our love of basic staple pieces, so styling these ankle boots is no different. We've stuck to neutral knitwear-come on, you know you own a piece! And kept to a classic silhouette of cropped jeans to keep each look simple leaving the boots do all the talking!

We'd recommend playing it safe when it comes to a statement piece. Think jeans, leather, white tee's and good basics when mixing a stand out purchase

Monikh is wearing
Jumper  | Topshop
Jeans |  Topshop
Boots | Public Desire

Hannah is wearing

Jumper | Topshop
Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Public Desire

Ph by Atosa using the Olymps Pen E-pl7 with the 75mm lens

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9 Lovely Comments

  1. These look great perfect Dior dupes but are they comfortable? I've been contemplating them for ages but not 100% because all shoes I've purchased from PD are cheap and cheaply made. Let me know x


    1. I know you obviously aren't asking me but thought I'd comment because I have them and personally I find them very comfortable. But I did find they run on the small side. I got the grey patent and also black suede and both fit the same. They're absolutely amazing! I had another pair of boots from PD I had to return because of the fit and quality but I couldn't be happier with these xx


  2. Why would anyone buy the Diors these dupes are incredible! Great styling I now want everything :)


  3. I like the ones with the pink heel :*


  4. Absolutely love these boots!!!


  5. Such gorgeous shoes, muct get my mitts on some, plus how you've styled them is so fab x

    Dana || Fashion Dew - Round up of 2015 looks

  6. These boots are so cool. Off to buy them right now. Lorraine x

  7. Totally in love with everything here! so gorgeous girls! x


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